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    We design workshops, events & programmes for leaders to enable their 

    employees to deliver exceptional individual & team performance.

  • We help companies to unlock potential

    Social & Learning is a tailored Learning & Development service mixed with

    Thought Leadership. We deliver world class workshops, seminars, & events business 

    leaders & HR influencers across a range of topics & skills outcomes, including 

    Communication, Team Work, & Problem Solving.


  • Sample Topics

    We work with the best experts

    in a wide variety of disciplines...


    Managing employees

    during complex change


    New product 

    development for teams 


    Benefits of thinking/acting like an entrepreneur


    Insights from a banking

    career to a chef


    Management Consulting

    in the workplace


    Lessons from music production for team creativity


    Parallels between rugby coaching & leadership



    mindfulness at work


    Using design to tell better stories & presentations


    How non-tech Hackathons can help your business

  • Sample workshops

    We design creative Workshops, Seminars, Fireside Chats, Hackathons, 

    Executive Coaching, Thought Leadership Sessions, Speakers, & more...

    Performing With Presence

    Presenting, Pitching & Public Speaking

    Using challenging & enjoyable methods adapted for business from Comedy Improv experts, we focus on each person's unique presenting style. By building confidence, we enable people to express their natural creativity and enthusiasm. Continual professional feedback, along with constant practice make this no ordinary presentation course, as you will instantly discover. It's a powerful, fun-inspired experience transforming how you express yourself in front of others.

    Think Like An Entrepreneur

     Innovate, Prototype, & Storytelling 

    Entrepreneurship is much more than the pursuit of profit. It is a way of thinking that makes the world a better place. Entrepreneurs are skilled at spotting possibilities; everyday frustrations become opportunities.. Entrepreneurs also make things happen. In this workshop you will become a blue-sky dreamer, a hard-headed pragmatist and a rigorous critic. You'll come up with, and test, new ideas with real-world applications., among other things...


    Art Of Creative Thinking

    Develop multiple, imaginative solutions 

    to problems in any field of practice.

    A scuba diving company faces bankruptcy because sharks have infested the area. Solution? Open the world’s first extreme diving school. Led by artist and Central St Martins tutor Rod Judkins, this workshop will reveal how we can transform ourselves, our businesses, and our society through a deeper understanding of human creativity. Drawing on the techniques that great creative thinkers have used - from Bob Dylan to Wagner, James Joyce to Charles Dickens - this workshop will demonstrate practical, down-to-earth methods for thinking with more creativity. Rod will teach you how to develop multiple, imaginative solutions to problems in any field of practice. It’s an all-access trip into the nerve centre of creative thinking.


    Building A Passionate Team

    Learn the art of compassionate leadership 

    Forcing compliance is easy. A weak leader can 'make' another do a task or a job. It will get done, but when, and to what standard? High performance and, more importantly, sustained high performance can only come from engagement with and commitment to the job in hand. A truly committed team achieves so much more, and with increased pressure on businesses to cut costs while increasing productivity, getting the most from your team is even more important than ever. In this workshop, adventurer & business consultant Paul Gurney will teach you to build and maintain an engaged, committed and high performing team using the principles of Compassionate Leadership – securing the best for and out of all – you will learn how to gain commitment at an individual and organisational level.


    We provide management & leadership development to help employees grow. We target three main areas: (1) Team effectiveness (2) Interpersonal communication (3) Leadership impact.

    Team Work

    Collaborate better within your team. And with other teams


    Inspiring the best from employees


    Present & project

    with confidence


    Delivering meaingful



    Work smarter. 

    Organise better

    Problem Solving

    Designing structured solutions


    Influencing others to 

    get what you want


    Pitching for 

    client success

  • Allen & OverY Business school launch 

    We designed a tailored prgramme of workshops for 100s of employees on

    one day to help A&O launch its internal Business School

  • Employee development classes for puma

    We designed a series of open classes for UK employees

    covering personal development topics with renowned experts,

    delivered in unusual venues around London. With after-parties...

  • thought leadership series 

    Over a 6 month period, we brought together young City professionals

    & entrepreneurs from Tough Mudder, Sofar Sounds, CrowdCube & others

    via a series of internal networking & development events for a global

    management consultancy

  • masterchef cookery workshops

    We designed & delivered a programme of cookery classes with structured team 

    formats for senior managers at a Sunday Times Fastrack firm with Masterchef 

    2012 Finalist Andrew Kojima

  • Jill - Sales 

    Director @ GE

    "Your team are an absolute credit to your business! Their organisation, energy and enthusiasm is second to none. I really appreciate the effort required to run this event at such short notice. I have passed on your details to some of the Executive Assistants here who arrange our larger events, and they are very interested to use you in the future"

    Abbie - HR 

    Director @ Danone

    "Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your efforts yesterday – the event was a huge success and there’s been a real buzz about it in the office today. Our “best event yet” someone said to me earlier!"

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